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          May 16, 2013

          News Briefs

          Staff Council Reps Elected for 2013-15

          The following staff members have been elected as Staff Council at-large representatives for the 2013-15 term. More than 700 staff members participated in the election process.

          Treci Bonime, Yvonne Brewster, Krista Campbell, Deborah Cavlovich, Sharon Cavlovich, Carrie Chisholm, Desiree Chronick, Marisa Daugherty, Benjamin Davis, Matthew D’Emilio, Heather Depasquale, Patricia Doane, Dolores Heagy, Christopher Hertz and Bryan Koval.

          Barbara Kviz, Dwayne Lehman, Adam Loucks, Michelle Martin, Carole Panno, Ann Papuga, Mark Penney, Victoria Poprocky, Audrey Portis, Adam Rauf, M. Shernell Smith, Jessica Sun, Joel Trembulak, Thomas Wilk, Kirk Wojno and Russell Yount.

          SEI Presents Staff Awards

          The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) recently presented its AJ Staff Awards, named in honor of University Professor Emeritus Angel Jordan, a founding father and former acting director of the SEI.

          • Sagar Chaki and Rhiannon Weaver received Director's Office Awards for Excellence.
          • Soumya Simanta was presented with the AJ Award for Create.
          • Robert Ferguson received the AJ Award for Apply.
          • Winning the AJ Award for Amplify was Sandra Brown.
          • The AJ Award for Contribute went to the Joint Information Operations Range (JIOR) Team of Amanda Alvarez, Kara Branby, Brian Gardiner, Ryan Gindhart, Michael Jehn, Michael Lambert, Rudolph Maceyko, Jason McCormick, Toby Meyer, David Pekular and Kenneth Schultz.

          Washington Series Focuses on Protecting Critical Infrastructures

          Carnegie Mellon will host an installment of its Washington Speaker Series on Thursday, May 30, with a focus on “Natural Disasters & Terrorism: Strategies for Protecting Critical Services &  Infrastructure.” A reception begins at 6:30 p.m. with the panel discussion beginning at 7 p.m. in the Crentz Dining Room of the Cosmos Club, 2121 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.

          Moderated by University Professor M. Granger Morgan, head of the Engineering and Public Policy Department and director of the Scott Institute for Energy Innovation, the panel will include:

          • RAND Corp. Associate Engineer Anu Narayanan;
          • CMU University Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Jacobo Bielak;
          • Caitlin Durkovich, assistant secretary for Infrastructure Protection, U.S. Department of Homeland Security;
          • Tim Manning, deputy administrator for Protection and National Preparedness, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA);
          • David K. Owens, executive vice president, Business Operations, Edison Electric Institute;
          • CMU Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Bruno Sinopoli.

          For additional information, contact Sharon Grant at 202-271-4907 or sharongr@andrew.cmu.edu, or go to //www.cit.cmu.edu/alumni/speaker_series/05_30_2013/index.html.

          Credit Union Loan Rates

          The Carnegie Mellon Credit Union is offering the following loan rates:

          • New Vehicle, 2.25%
          • Used Vehicle, 2.99%
          • Personal loans, 9.99%
          • Computer loans, 9.50%
          • Home Equity Loans, as low as 3.50%

          For more information visit //www.cmufcu.org.

          New SMART ID Cards To Be Issued for Pittsburgh Campus

          The Pittsburgh campus will upgrade to SMART ID Cards this summer. The new SMART Card will provide faculty, staff and students with more efficient access to Port Authority Transit within Allegheny County.

          All benefits-eligible faculty and staff members on the Pittsburgh campus will be re-carded this July. Returning students will be re-carded in September.

          For more details and distribution information, visit www.britneypictures.org/idplus/smart. If you have questions about the transition, send email to smartcards@andrew.cmu.edu.

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