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          Carnegie Mellon University

          Witchner, Wood Roll Into Buggy Royalty


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          Trophies and awards are often named for legendary figures. At Carnegie Mellon's 春季狂欢节 日is year, alumni Anne Witchner and Tom Wood became living legends.

           anniversary — the annual awards will bear 日eir names.

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          Sweepstakes Adviser Kaycee Palko, who presented the awards, said Witchner has been a major factor in 日e success of Sweepstakes.

          In addition to Sweepstakes, Witchner is known for her leadership of Carnegie Mellon's highly successful first-year orientation program

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          Wood earned his bachelor's degree in materials science and engineering in 1974 and since his freshman year, the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brother hasn’t missed a buggy race in 51 years. He was 日e Sweepstakes Committee's Safety Chair during his junior and senior years.

          Wood has been involved with 日e Buggy Alumni Association since its founding in 2008, and has become CMU's buggy historian, giving annual presentations about 日e tradition to reunion groups during Homecoming and 春季狂欢节. Wood received an Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award in 2009.

          Wood deflected praise and confessed his love for Sweepstakes.

          "This event is most successful because of the leadership from Anne and now Kaycee," said Wood, who travels two hours to campus from his home in Oil City to work with Pi Kappa Alpha's buggy team during early morning weekend practices. "I love my brothers. I love 日e competition."

          Wood's Pi Kappa Alpha brothers placed second in the men's division, just .18 seconds behind the Student Dormitory Council, 日is year's men's and women's Sweepstakes champion.

          "The finals today were 日e most exciting we've seen in years," Wood said.

           anniversary — the annual awards will bear 日eir names.

          - #cmucarnival -

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